Can You Fix Part of a Roof?

Can You Fix Part Of A Roof

When it comes to your home, the old saying “prevention is better than cure” will save you some dollars. Regular roof maintenance is great for your wallet and curbing appeal. Sometimes it is reasonable to fix part of a roof rather than replace the entire roof. Which route to take is determined by factors such as the total roof surface that needs repair.

When Can You Replace Part of a Roof?

In some cases, all you need to improve your roof functionality and beauty is to replace a few shingles. If you lost a few shingles after a storm, there may be no need to replace the entire roof. Shingles are designed to last many years, but exposure to external factors such as sun and water makes them weak faster. It is imperative to have a roofing professional inspect your roof to detect whether the underlayment is damaged.

If only a few shingles are missing after heavy winds or storms, then a roof repair may be the best option. If there is a big leak damaging your entire roof, then it’s a good idea to replace the entire roof.

Since they are exposed to rain, heat, and snow, shingles tend to change in size. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to match the “new” shingles with those on the roof. Depending on the surface area and location of missing shingles, it might be difficult to match replacement shingles to the ones on the roof.

However, if the location in need of new shingles is unnoticeable, a professional with vast experience in Orlando and Tampa roof repair will nail down replacement shingles within a short time.

Homeowners are advised not to be reluctant to replace a few shingles. The shingles shield the roof’s decking from wind and moisture. Even if the damaged section is small, it can allow water to seep into the deck, causing significant damage.

Patching Damaged Sections

Whether to patch the deteriorating section of a roof rather than replacing it is a frequently asked question. Some homeowners also consider a roof over instead of tearing the damaged roof.

Patching is a good idea, but it also depends on an array of factors. It is important to consult a renowned roofing professional when opting to patch your roof. An experienced roofing pro will inspect your home to establish if a patch will prolong your roof’s lifespan.

A reputable roofing professional will inspect both the exterior of a roof and the decking to detect whether moisture has already reached the decking. Additionally, wary signs of a major problem include shingles starting to buckle or curl at the edges. Another sign of a significant issue is the presence of granules on the ground or in the gutters. A saggy roof is also an alarming sign that your roof needs replacement.

The outcome of roof patching is only aesthetically pleasing if the section involved is small. If the damaged area is large, blending the “new” shingles with the existing ones is challenging. The repaired section might be noticeable from far, and thus replacement might be the better option.

Roofing Over

Building codes in some areas authorize homeowners to have up to two layers of shingles. Putting more than two layers of shingles adds a lot of weight to your structure, which is extremely risky. That’s why several building codes don’t allow homeowners to put more than two layers of shingles.

Before deciding to add an extra layer on top of the existing one, think of the cost of tearing off two layers of shingles when you want to install a new roof. It will be twice the labor cost of ripping off one layer. Additionally, it is hard to identify the source of a leak when you have two layers of shingles.

Roof Replacement

So how can you tell if it’s time to replace the entire roof? As you can see above, the answers depend on a wide range of factors. If a heavy storm hits your area, the damage might be extensive enough to need a roof replacement.

In addition, if your roof is old and it is leaking or there are signs of moisture inside the house, such as the growth of mold, paint peeling off, or brown spots on the ceiling, the right choice should be replacing the entire roof.

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