Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Leak Repair?

does homeowners insurance cover roof leak repair

Have you noticed odd coloring on your ceiling? Is there bubbling in your drywall? Both of those are signs of water damage. Water damage can be quite insidious when it first makes its way into your home. It can take a while for you to notice that something is the matter. Once you do, it’s often too late to solve the problem cheaply and quickly.

Then where does the water damage come from? More often than not, the water damage that you see inside your home is a result of a damaged roof. Even a small amount of damage can lead to serious water issues inside your home if left alone long enough. The best way to mitigate anything further going awry is to make an insurance claim for the repair as soon as you can. However, how do you know when your insurance will cover your repair? While many insurance companies cover repairs as a result of uncontrollable circumstances, there are always exceptions to the rule.

When Is Roof Repair Not Covered?

Typically, when you read through your insurance policy, you will see the word “peril” in reference to roof leaks or other roof repairs. A peril simply describes a situation wherein damage to your home was caused by a weather-related event. This can be anything from a hailstorm to a fire to a hurricane. When your home is damaged by a covered peril, your insurance company must cover the costs of the repair.

For instance, one of the most common issues that people have with their roofs is the loss of shingles. Usually, a storm will come through and cause mild damage to some of the shingles. The storm also caused water damage to your home as a result of the shingles being blown away, so all of the damage would be covered under your policy.

There are some exceptions to the rule. Instances where the damage is caused by natural wear and tear is very different from a sudden accident. Most roofs are going to develop leaks as they get older because of the deterioration of the materials. Because of this, many insurance companies do not cover these types of repairs.

These are not only repairs that may be denied by your insurance company, however. Most insurance companies make a distinction between damages that are caused by accidents and damages that are caused by neglect. If your roof is damaged but it is because of a lack of care, there is a very good chance that your claim is going to be denied. Other instances that fall under this umbrella are damages caused by mold, pests, birds, wet rot, or construction errors. 

Of course, reading through your policy is the most efficient way of determining if your claim will be covered. For certain homeowners, their insurance policies specifically omit roof leaks from the policy. This may happen if you have a policy that is suited for high-risk homes or older homes. Your insurance company can purposely refuse to cover those roof leaks because they know your home is more prone to them.

Getting Your Roof Repair Covered

Take Photos

The best way to ensure that your claims are taken care of is to take as many pictures of the damage as you can. You’ll want to take pictures from the outside of your home as well as the attic space so that you get every possible damage that the leak may have caused. If there was water damage to any of the property inside your home, you’ll want to include those photos as well. If your home had any flooding, take pictures as soon as you can to capture the flooding when it was actually present. If you cannot, take pictures of the damages that the flooding caused.

Other documents that you will want to provide are a survey of your home. This will help the adjuster see how big each space is so they can accurately estimate the cost of repairing that space.

Get an Estimate

You’ll want to shop around before you commit to anyone roof repair company. This way, you will be able to get the price possible for your repairs. If the damage that your roof suffered is not extensive, you may be able to go directly through the roof repair company instead of having to go through your insurance. This is because many insurance companies will require you to pay your deductible before you can qualify for reimbursement. If your deductible is higher than the cost of the repairs, it won’t make sense to file a claim.

However, if you are dealing with extensive damage and you know that the cost of the repairs is going to be substantially more than the deductible, you will want to wait for your insurance company to process the claim so that you can have the repair covered.

Important to Remember

Small repairs may seem like something you can put off for a while, but they can quickly spiral out of control. Even if the repair is small enough that you do not have to go through your insurance, you do not want to put off getting everything fixed until another day. Otherwise, what was once a tiny repair could turn into serious damage to your home. Those situations are much more complicated to deal with than a simple repair.

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