What to Look for in a Roof When Buying a Home

What To Look For When You’re Checking The Roof Of A New Home
If you are buying a house, it’s essential to make sure that the roof hasn’t fallen into disrepair. Here are some things to look for:

1. Check For Mold:
If a roof contains mold, it’s likely to bulge or sag. You also may find curved edges. Spots of mold might be visible on the interior or exterior of the roof.

2. Check For Signs Of Wear And Tear:
If a roof has experienced significant amounts of wear and tear, you’re likely to see spots. In addition, you may find missing shingles.

3. Determine If The Roof Has Been Regularly Maintained:
If a roof has not been regularly maintained, it is likely to have fallen into serious disrepair. Talk to the previous owner of the house about the regular maintenance that was performed on the roof. Always make sure the roof is examined by a home inspector.

4. Check The Ventilation System Of The Roof:
It’s essential to make sure that the ventilation system of the roof works properly. The ventilation system could be faulty even if the roof is new. A faulty ventilation system can lead to mold growth and significantly reduce the lifespan of the roof. Orlando roofers can ensure that you don’t miss anything when inspecting the ventilation system of the roof.

5. Make Sure The Roof Drains Properly:
It’s best to have Orlando roofers or a home inspector to check the drainage of the roof. If you do it yourself, it’s important to be extremely careful. Inspecting the seepage system of a roof is one of the best ways to determine its condition. There are several important parts of the drainage system of a roof:

The gutters
Drainage pipes

It’s also important to look for shiny pieces of asphalt shingles in the gutter. The shiny coating on asphalt shingles is necessary to protect the roof from sun damage.

6. Check For Leaks:
If you buy a house with a leaking roof, you’ll end up replacing your roof in the near future. A roof leak also can damage other areas of the house. The following parts of the roof are most likely to leak:

Valleys of the roof
Plumbing Vents
Rooftop creases

While some leaks are easy to spot, it’s often necessary to have Orlando roofers inspect the roof to detect one.

7. Make Sure The Roof Drains Into Storm Drains:
If the water drains from the roof and just on the ground, you’re likely to have significant puddles in your yard whenever it rains.

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