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How it works.
Our process is a simple one and it’s been working for us since the start of our business. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way to a new roof in no time at all.
By filling out a short form on our contact page you can get us the necessary information so we are prepared to give you the best estimate for your new roof. You’ll select the best time for us to come and evaluate your roof and we will leave you with a small packet to choose options and move forward.
After your free estimate, you will then be able to select the type of roofing covering you desire, along with styles, colors and more. This is a fun and creative process.
This article provides you with a few steps on how to prepare your home for our licensed & insured roofers to replace your roof. This allows the construction process to be as smooth and efficient as possible.
F. A. Q.
Will my insurance rates go up if I file a claim for storm damage?
Yes and no. Insurance companies have the funds in reserve for catastrophic events such as those suffered here in Florida. Insurance rates could blanket the state or country with a higher rate whether you file a claim or not. There is not a direct correlation between your claim and your rates.
My roof looks OK, but I think it is still damaged. How can I determine if there is indeed damage, and file a claim with my insurance company?
You need a professional, such as an insurance adjustor or your personal Janney Construction Services Contractor to inspect for hidden damage due to these destructive storms. Typically, the damage involves high winds that have ripped the shingle up from the one underneath it but does not blow the shingle off the roof.
How much will it cost me to have my repairs completed? We do not have money set aside for these repairs!
A: The amount is the deductible you have contracted with your insurance company.

Tip: If you have a full replacement cost policy the insurance pays the whole bill, except your deductible; however, your adjustment can be very confusing for anyone who has not filed a claim int he last few years. See depreciations on your insurance estimate.

Materials & Options
High-Slope Roofing
• Slate
• Clay tiles
• Ceramic tiles
• Concrete tiles
• Wood shakes
• Wood shingles
• Asphalt shingles
• Metal roof systems
Low-Slope Roofing
• Spray polyurethane foam roofing (SPF)
• Polymer-modified bitumen sheet membranes
• Single-ply membranes (thermoplastic and thermoset)
• Metal roofing
Glossary Of Terms
High-Slope Roofing
High-slope Roofing implements shingle style layering of individual components constructed using underlayment, roof covering, and roof deck to minimize weathering.
Low-Slope Roofing
Low-Slope Roofing uses waterproofing labels, reinforcements, and surfacing that help protect the roof from the sun and weather changes.
Your basic compositions of flat shingles, most common on a standard roof.
Another term for “shingle.”
A type of tar paper made from glass fibre or polyester fleece impregnated with bituminous material, produced in roll form, and used in roof construction for temporary waterproofing. Also provides another barrier between the elements and your home.
Laminated or Dimensional
Composition shingles manufactured to resemble wood shakes.
Installation of 4’x8′ OSB or plywood sheets to provide a nailable surface, typically only needed when changing to compositional roofing.
Roofing terminology for 100 square feet (10’x10′ square)
Tear off
Removal of existing layer(s) of roofing materials.

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