How To Remove Mold From Your Roof Shingles

The roofing teams here at Janney Roofing often have to tackle mold that grows on roof shingles. The mold tends to grow in areas where the roof doesn’t get much sunlight. it is more common on asphalt shingle roofs than metal roofing. Licensed roofers in Orlando can tell you that, in most cases, there is no need to go about replacing your roof just because of a bit of mold. Orlando roofing companies can remove that mold while keeping your costs down.

The Process for Removing the Mold

When Orlando roofers like Janney Roofing remove mold, we start by protecting the lawn and landscaping. We first splash the plants with water to protect them from the bleaching solution. Next, they cover the area closest to the roof with plastic sheeting or tarps to protect the soil.

The choice of roofers for removing mold, among roofing supplies, is a special bleaching agent formulated for roofs. The roofing contractors mix this bleaching agent with water and spray the roof down, paying close attention to areas that are stained. They will let the mixture stay on the roof for a bit to ensure it penetrates the stain. Finally, we will wash the roof down with water to remove the bleaching agent and the stains.

After rinsing the roof, we will inspect the roof again for mold and stains. If needed, we can reapply the bleaching to specific areas to get the last of the mold and staining off. After the last of the mold is gone, they will remove the tarps and then spray the ground down to dilute any run-off from the cleaning process.

Why Leave It to the Professionals?

You might be thinking, how hard is it to spray some bleach and rinse it off. We would caution that this work is not as easy as it looks.

First, while mold can easily be removed from newer shingles in good condition, it is not so easy to remove from older, deteriorating shingles. We will inspect the roof before doing any work to see the condition of the roof.

Second, unless you are a roofing professional, you could potentially do more damage than good. One misplaced step or keeping the bleaching agent on too long, and you might be paying for replacing your roof.

Finally, unless you get on roofs for a living, trying to do the work yourself is potentially dangerous. Let the professionals do the work and stay safe.

If you want someone to come out to remove mold from your roof, call on the experts here at Janney Roofing. We are licensed roofing contractors who have been in the business for many years. We carry all the needed roofing supplies to handle your roofing needs. Whether you have an asphalt or metal roofing, give us a call today.