About Us

We are a team of people who love our community and our jobs. We pour our heart into our work.

Derek’s Guarantee

Our Team

The Care Behind Our Heart

As a whole, our team is comprised of members from all walks of life which enhances how we incorporate and cultivate work that is done with excellence, integrity, honesty and quality. One of our teams, however, is entrusted with the special role of upholding an even higher standard of attention. From managing schedules and specific project needs, to scheduling post-project walk-throughs and cleanings, to making sure your specific warranties are registered for, this team specializes in strategizing the best balance of communication delivered from the field, through our office, and directly back to you. These are the voices that ensure your satisfaction with our work, and the ones who communicate that your partnership with us matters.


At our core, we believe that being generous with our resources is the greatest impact we can have in our community. What we do with our expertise keeps you secure and protected in your home, but what we do with our heart goes beyond those walls. We have made it our mission to give back to our community and global partners with the same care and attention that we give our homeowners. From repairing roofs for local nonprofits to helping start an entrepreneurial academy in Kenya; to offering our employees partial scholarships for humanitarian aid trips and giving back 10% of our profits to people in need, we at Janney Roofing want to change our community and world through generosity, one roof at a time.

Changing the world, one roof at a time