Yes & No. Insurance companies have the funds in reserve for catastrophic events such as those suffered here in Florida. Insurance rate could blanket the state or country with a higher rate whether you file a claim or not. There is not a direct correlation between your claim and your rates.

You need a professional, such as an insurance adjustor or your personal Janney Roofing Contractor, to inspect for hidden damage due to these destructive storms. Typically, the damage involves high winds that have ripped the shingles up from the one underneath it but does not blow the shingle off the roof.

Expectations & Preparations

Roofing crews will most likely start on your roof in the morning.

For the duration of your roof’s beautification there will be constant construction noise.

From walls and shelves such as pictures, plates, figurines, & other breakable decor. Hammering may create vibrations that can shake items off walls & shelves inside.

Watch out for roofing debris. Move patio furniture, potted plants, gardening equipment, grills, etc. We take precaution to protect your things; however, bundles and shingles might fall.

We may need to use power tools for decking repair, ridge work, or vent installation, so please be prepared to provide an outlet for our use.

Things fall, so please protect your vehicles, cars, boats, bikes, etc. Away from the house & garage while work is being done.

If you don’t have a ceiling in your garage and can see the bottom side of the roof decking, move or cover things that might get damaged like cars, boats, lawnmowers, etc. with valuable finishes.

We will need access to the driveway in order to load the shingles & during the clean up process.