5 Things to Remember If You’ve Been Through Hurricane Season Before

5 things to remember if you've been through hurricane season before

Hurricane Season is well underway, and if you’ve been through it before you’re probably not all that worried. It’s easy to get comfortable if you’ve been through some quiet seasons. But big tropical storms and severe hurricanes can pop up quickly, especially during the height of hurricane season. With lots to prepare for, sometimes little helpful things can be forgotten.

Charge your cell phone

Your home can lose power even during a bad thunderstorm. This time of year, it’s good to keep your cell phone charged as much as possible. And during severe weather events having your phone with you to stay on top of alerts, news, and communication is crucial.

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Do laundry ahead of the storm

Another downfall of losing power during severe storms, is running out of clean clothes. Once you’ve made preparations to safeguard your home, take some time to do some laundry. It can be a calming activity while you wait for the bad weather to start, and you’ll have clean clothes to get you through a week or so in case you do lose power.

Set aside new games and entertainment

Even if you do not lose power, it’s safest to stay indoors during the duration of the severe weather. Pick out a new board game, card game, book, or other entertainment. This is especially important if you have kids. Having something new is not only entertaining, but feels like a treat, which is helpful during a difficult time such as this.

Double-check your insurance

Ever wonder why hurricanes and even winter storms have names? One of the reasons is insurance. When a weather event is significant enough to have a name, it triggers a few different components in insurance processing. Often a named storm event has a different deductible. Take a moment to review this with your insurance so you’re not surprised if you need to make a claim.

Get on our Hurricane Priority List

You’ve probably heard about the nationwide shortage of construction and other materials. Take a moment now to get on our Hurricane Priority List. You’ll have one less thing to worry about and our team can be there for you once the storm is through. Your home will receive priority with our team’s scheduling and supplies.

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Sign up for our Hurricane Priority List, and stay safe.

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