Common Roof Ventilation Issues

common roof ventilation issues

Roof ventilation comes with many advantages. It is one of the simplest ways to keep your home comfortable every day. With a well-ventilated roof, air can flow in and out of your home freely creating a cool environment. However, for this results to be achieved, the ventilation process has to be done professionally. Many times people try to ventilate their roofs but end up adding more problems to their homes.

Many mistakes happen after allowing Orlando roofing companies that lack the necessary skills do the job for you. Here at Janney Roofing, we have compiled some of the common issues that cause problems after roof ventilation. They include:

Over or Under Ventilating

When you give the job to workers without the necessary skills, they may not understand how much ventilation your home needs. The result is either over or under ventilating. This means your home becomes uncomfortable to live in during particular seasons.

With over ventilation, your home may become colder than necessary. That increases your electricity bills as the AC tries to keep up with the cold air coming into your home.

Underventilation, on the other hand, causes your home to be extra hot. The hot air in your home doesn’t have a way to flow outside, and cool air cannot flow into your home freely. All the hot air is pumped into your living area. Your cooling electricity bills will go up as well.

Improper Ventilation Balance

This is a common mistake that inexperienced Orlando roofers make. There should be a balance between the inlet and the outlet. The amount of intake should be equal to the exhaust. This is the only way the ventilation system can work efficiently.

Crooked Turbine Vents

For proper flow of air, the turbines should work properly. Unskilled Orlando roofers install crooked turbine vents most of the times. What happens next is that the turbines get stuck and cannot turn.
The other issue on turbines is that they should only be installed if the attic has been air sealed professionally. If this is not the case, don’t install them.

Improper Installation

When the vents are installed without care, they may allow moisture to come in. Excess moisture causes mold to grow on your roof. This causes deterioration of your roof, the decking and supports, and the underlayment and shingles. You may end up replacing your roof after such an incidence.

Roof vents are an important part of your home. However, without calling professionals to do the job, you may have more problems in the future. If you are considering ventilating your roof, you should call licensed professional roofers.

For residents of Orlando, there are several licensed roofers in Orlando, but you can always count on Janney Roofing to keep you covered. To remain on the safe side, you should ensure that before anyone can work on your roof, they are fully licensed and certified to do so. Hiring a professional like Janney Roofing saves you all the trouble that comes with improper roof ventilation.

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