Fast Fixes for Common Gutter Problems

fast fixes for common gutter problems

Gutters work to move water away from your home’s foundation and to keep the structure intact. For optimal performance, many Orlando roofing companies recommend annual cleaning to remove clogs, repair holes and correct sagging. Fortunately, you can do minor repairs and maintenance on gutters to avoid major problems over the long term.


Clogs are the most common issue with gutters. Over time, they become filled with dirt, twigs, leaves and undrained water, causing inefficiency and sagging. You can clean gutters yourself by climbing a ladder and clearing out the debris. Afterward, you should flush the gutters with a hose to ensure they are working properly. If your home is more than two stories tall, you should contact licensed roofers in Orlando for assistance.

Holes and Leaks

You can easily repair small gutter holes with a sealant. Big holes require a patch to seal properly. You can purchase a patch kit at any hardware store. For leaks at the gutter joints, a $5 tube of caulk will solve the problem.

Improper Pitch

Gutter require the correct pitch for water to flow to the downspout. To check the pitch, you will need to climb a ladder after a storm and see if there is any water standing in the gutter. If there is, the pitch must be adjusted by using a chalkline that measures from the downspout to the peak. You may be able to correct the problem by bending a hanger, but if that does not work, you will need to remove and rehang the gutter section. If your home has seamless gutters, consult with your local Orlando roofers to correct the issue.

Sagging Gutters

If the gutters on your home are sagging, it is most likely because of worn hangers that are moving away from the structure. In some cases, the hangers may be placed too far apart to fully support the gutter. You can fix this yourself for about $10 per hanger and one dollar per fastener.

Improper Downspout Drainage

If the downspouts are too close to your home, the water will drain into the basement or cause other problems with the foundation. You can divert water away by attaching a $20 gutter extension to each downspout to direct water away from the house.

No Gutters

If your home has no gutters, you should consider making the investment. Aluminum gutters are extremely durable and run about $5.00 to $9.00 for each linear foot. Gutters will increase your home’s value and may help you avoid replacing your roof.

While you can easily resolve many gutter issues yourself, calling in professional licensed roofers in Orlando like Janney Roofing for an inspection and evaluation can help you avoid expensive problems with your home in the future.

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