How To Find A Roof Leak

how to find a roof leak

A leaking roof must be repaired quickly and correctly in order to avoid major damage to your home. A roof leak could allow water to seep into your roof’s decking and support beams, and the water can even soak into your insulation, walls and flooring. These steps will help you to locate the leak and arrange for Orlando roofers to perform a thorough repair. Orlando roofing companies can also assist you with locating the leak in your roof.

Access the Attic

Use the attic access stairs or a ladder and the access hatch. Carefully crawl through the attic, taking care not to step on any of the boards between the joists. Use a flashlight and check if any areas of the underside of the roof are darker than the rest of the boards. The darker areas could be where the leak is located. If the underside of the roof is dry and uniform in color, check for rust stains or areas of mold. Mold grows in areas that are persistently damp, and the presence of mold is a sure indicator of the leak’s location.

Check the Insulation

While you are inside of the attic, check the insulation for signs of damage. Fiberglass and loose fill insulation will become compacted when wet. The insulation could also appear a darker color. Insulation made from natural materials may grow mold with repeated exposures to water from a leaking roof. Be aware that the place where the insulation is wet may not be directly under the damaged area of your roof. You may need to lift the insulation away and check several feet in every direction to find the location of the roof leak.

Examine Rooftop Openings

Most roofs have multiple openings for ventilation. The seals around these openings can fail over time, allowing rain water to seep inside of the attic. Check each of these openings for signs of wetness. The frames of the vents may begin to rust with repeated exposure to water.

Simulate a Rain Storm

If you have someone to help you and he or she does not mind climbing onto the roof, have your helper climb up a ladder with the garden hose. Slowly and methodically spray the roof with a jet of water. You will be in the attic watching for the water to leak. This can give you an idea of where the leak is. You may be better off having licensed roofers in Orlando do a professional leak inspection, because walking across your roof may actually cause more damage and make the situation worse.

If a leak has caused extensive damage or your roof is more than 15 years old, consider replacing your roof. The typical lifetime of asphalt shingles is about 20 years, and a leak is a sign that the roof has had enough damage to consider a replacement. Prompt repairs or replacements of leaky roofs prevent serious damage to your home and everything inside of it.

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