Maintaining Your Historic Home’s Roof

maintaining your historic home's roof

If your home is considered a historical landmark or even is simply a representative of history, you want to maintain the original style of the roof. However, you might not be familiar with the type of roof that was originally used when it was built. Historic homes in Orlando were very unlikely to have used asphalt shingles due to their short life spans. If you still have the original roof, it is most likely metal, clay, or slate. These materials can last for well over 100 years; if possible, consider repairing the flashing and shingles instead of replacing them. There are many licensed roofers in Orlando, including Janney Roofing, that will be willing to repair your historic roof.

If your historic home has had a new roof placed on it, the value may be drastically reduced. You may be familiar with the original style of the roof; if so, you may want to put a new roof on the home with that original style. If you look in your attic, you may see some signs pointing to the original style. If you look at the sheathing covering the rafters, you might see the original material style in between the layers. If you can determine the original materials, they are all still available and will easily re-create the home’s original look.

If you are able to determine the original shingle style of your home, replacing your roof is as simple as finding a matching shingle. Orlando roofing companies will be more than able to help you match the styles. If you’re looking for one of the best roofers, you can contact Janney Roofing to replace your modern roof with one that matches the original style. If you are unable to determine the original materials or styles, Orlando roofers will still be able to replace the roof so it looks as historic as it really is.

If you are unable to determine the original style of your home’s shingles, many Orlando roofers will recommend a three-tab asphalt shingle. You’ll want to use a neutral color, such as gray, black, brown, or red-brown mix. Avoid laminates, as they tend to contrast each other and create lines that did not exist previously.

Janney Roofing is familiar with historic roofs and homes and can help you pick out a roofing material that will provide the same look as the original roof. Even if they are not the same materials, they will provide the same functions and will remove water, keeping the interior dry.

All Orlando roofers can tell you which specific shingles to avoid due to the stormy Florida climate. The experts at Janney Roofing can show you which shingles are likely to bend or break during hurricanes as a result of being too light. They can also inform you which shingles will help deflect sun, helping improve the comfort level of the home and improve energy efficiency.

Your historic home and landmark are a major part of Orlando’s history. Don’t let the image be removed along with a roof. Talk to us about roof repair and see how we can maintain the original look and style of your home.

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