The Dangers Of A “Cheap” Roof Replacement

dangers of a cheap roof replacement

Cheap roofing is a trap that attracts every homeowner who is looking for a new roof. Homeowners will often fall victim to these cheap companies who promise the same great quality at a lower price, but these are often lies. Lower prices can mean lower quality and lower value of service. 

Here are some reasons why you should avoid a “cheap” roof replacement:

Poor Quality

Most homeowners who are replacing a roof out of their own pocket are often thinking about price. While it is completely understandable to want to gravitate toward the cheaper available options, the fact of the matter is that you will get a cheaper quality for a cheaper price. Roofing companies who try to offer lower prices can skimp on important components. For instance, a roofing contractor who is trying to gain your business may bring their price down by not installing crucial components like a drip edge. 

More Expensive Later On

Getting a cheap roof now might not show any immediate issues. In fact, you may finish the installing process and feel confident you have made the right choice. However, cheap materials and cheap labor does not always present problems in the moment. More often than not, refusing to invest in quality now means that you will be investing in repairs sooner than expected and perhaps even replacing sooner than expected. All these unexpected costs can add up and leave you with longterm regret.

Limited Warranty Options

Warranty options are maximized when you go with the quality option. For instance, if you get a dimensional asphalt shingle roof and utilize all of the manufacturer’s roofing components, you can the manufacturer’s enhanced warranty. This means that they will cover labor, materials, dump fees, non-prorated for up to 50 years if the materials are defective. 

On the contrary, when you try to get the cheapest roof possible, you frequently will not be eligible for the enhance warranty. In fact, you can often find yourself in a bind because your warranty can be voided from improper installation or inadequate attic ventilation from cheap–and not properly trained–labor. 

Without the manufacturer’s warranty, you’re relying on your roofing company to provide a warranty. However, cheaper options often won’t even offer a warranty. If they do, it’s usually limited to only a few years. Typically, in these instances, your roof will only make it until just after the warranty at which point your roof will start having problems–that you are on the hook to fix.

Roof Lifespan is Shortened

Making sure that a roof lasts as long as possible means more than just purchasing high quality materials. You also have to make sure that you hire someone who will install these materials properly. This is because even high quality materials can fail if they are not installed by professionals who take their time to do things right. If a cheap roofing company comes in and uses incorrect techniques, all of that money that you invested in quality roofing materials will fly out the window when your roof fails earlier than its lifespan indicates.


Roof replacements are a long process. You do not want to rush into choosing a company because there are so many options available to you and choosing the right one can make a significant difference. Make sure to do your resaerch and shop around the best companies in your area to find the one that will give you the best quality and the best deals. At Janney Roofing, that is precisely what we pride ourselves on. We provide the best roof replacement in Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville, so contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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