Things to Look for in a Roof Before Purchasing a New Home

things to look for in a roof before purchasing a new home

For most home buyers, the quest to find the perfect new home to purchase includes ample time walking through different properties. You may be focused on the style of the home as well as its layout, size and condition. Many home buyers, however, fail to glance upward at the roof as they are touring different properties. The roof is one of the most critical elements on a home, impacting property condition, energy efficiency, curb appeal and more. By following a few simple steps when touring homes, you may be able to minimize or eliminate the need to call Orlando roofing companies for assistance soon after you take ownership.

Visually Inspect the Roof

Licensed roofers in Orlando can always be called to inspect a roof on your behalf before you purchase a home, and this is a wise move to make. After all, repairing or replacing your roof can cost a small fortune, and you may prefer to purchase a home with a roof in great condition. You can learn a lot about a home by visually inspecting the roof from the ground level. Look for shingles that are missing, worn, bowed, warped or moldy. In addition, inquire about the age of the roof and when the last inspection was.

Review the Ventilation System

Orlando roofers can assist you in reviewing the ventilation system on a home if you are not familiar with this component. Attic and roof ventilation impact everything from energy efficiency to your comfort level in the home. If you live in a climate where snow and ice are common in winter months, ventilation can also impact the risk for damaging ice dams to develop on the roof. Negotiating with the seller for improved ventilation features before you finalize your offer is a great idea in some homes.

Take a Closer Look at Drainage

First, ensure that the home has a gutter system and that the gutters are in good shape. Then, turn your attention downward to ensure that the downspouts are in great condition. Look for erosion around the foundation of the home. A good drainage system will prevent erosion to protect the foundation from damage. Also, look for asphalt granules near the downspouts. This is a sign that an older asphalt roof may need to be replaced.

Look for Signs of a Roof Leak

Roof leaks can be seemingly difficult to identify from the exterior of the home, so you may need to venture into the attic for a closer inspection of the underlying surface of the roof. With a flashlight, review the attic roof to look for water stains or existing moisture. Orlando roofers can complete a full inspection of the roof if you believe it has a leak.

While your own inspection of the roof can be enlightening, many will benefit from an inspection from licensed roofers in Orlando. Some roofers provide free inspections upon request, and this makes it affordable and convenient for you to learn more about the actual condition of the roof before you finalize your buying plans.

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