What Do You Do When You Have a Roof Leak?

what do you do when you have a roof leak

Your home’s roof, walls and foundation are also known as the structure’s envelope. They are probably the most important elements of your property. If the roof begins to leak, however, there are certain steps that must be put into action.

Reduce the amount of damage by following these tips as a roof leak occurs:

Grab a Container

From the moment that a leak enters the interior, it’s your job to minimize further damage. Use a bucket or other plastic container to capture the dripping or streaming water.

Consider a few tips from the best Orlando roofing companies in the state by placing a rag at the bottom of the container or pinning a string to the leak’s location on the ceiling. Both of these suggestions will direct the leak into the container without much of a splash outside of it.

If you notice a drywall or paint bubble at the leak’s location, try to release the pressure by popping it. The water can freely flow into the container now.

Cover and Move Nearby Items

Ideally, move as many personal items away from the leak as possible. Books, electronics and other small items might be temporarily placed in another room. For large items, including the furniture, grab a tarp or plastic sheet. Shower liners might be an option if you use curtains in the bathroom.

Cover the large items so that they don’t become saturated. They may be slightly wet already, but covering them stops any further damage. Cover the floor as well. If water can soak into an item, it should be protected as much as possible.

Document the Damage

Take photos of the damage as you protect your belongings. Ideally, walk around the room so that photos can be taken of every angle within the space. This documentation will help the contractors and insurance adjusters with future repairs.

Focus on photos of the leak itself and the damage below it. Don’t venture onto the roof or into the attic, however. Allow the professionals to cover these areas. You want enough photos to show the damage’s extent. Proper compensation from the insurance company will be the result of your efforts.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Don’t hesitate to contact the insurance company. They have a right to know about any damages. Regardless of whether it’s covered or not, it must be part of the property’s insurance history. In most cases, the insurance company will send an adjuster out to the property. He or she will examine the damage and create a repair quote.

When it comes to active leaks, the insurance company usually responds with an emergency visit. Dealing with the damage as soon as possible will minimize the cost for all parties.

Dry out the Home

With your insurance company’s blessing, dry out the home by removing any saturated items. Pull the carpet and rugs from the floor, open up the windows and turn on fans. You might go as far as cutting out saturated drywall where the leak originated.

Think a step further by trimming any overhanging trees from the exterior. You’ll allow more light to enter the home for drying purposes while protecting the property from the tree’s droppings. Leaves stuck in the rooftop gutters and potential branch strikes can all damage a roof over time.

Choose a Reputable Professional

Your chosen contractor should be licensed, insured and bonded to work on roofs and in your area. This professional responds to all of your calls and online queries. A good way to know if you’ve picked the right company is by visiting its office. Every reputable roofer will have a permanent office for administration purposes. Avoid any company that claims to be working out of a vehicle.

The roofer will work closely with your insurance agent in order to cover all of the necessary repairs. As a policyholder, you shouldn’t have to act as a middleman. The contractor and adjuster complete the work to stop any further leaks.

Contact Janney Roofing today. Your home deserves the best Orlando roofer possible, especially as storms move in and out of the area. Keep our team on speed dial so that any roof leaks are quickly repaired with professional ease.

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