What is the Purpose of Roof Granules?

what is the purpose of roof granules

Granules on your Orlando and Tampa roof are a type of material that is used on the surface of roofs. They are designed to protect them from sun, rain, hail, and other weather elements.

How do roof granules work?

In short, roof granules provide an extra layer of protection for your roof by absorbing some of the weight that would otherwise be placed on it. This helps prolong the life span of your roof while making it more aesthetically pleasing!

What Do Roof Granules Do?

They Help During Installation

The granules on asphalt shingles aid in keeping the asphalt shingles from sticking together and offer a smoother walking surface for installers.

They Offer Protection From Harsh Weather

Granules are an important component of asphalt shingles and their ability to withstand the elements that they face year after year, not only from the hot Florida sun but also from rain, hail, and wind.

Granules help to guarantee that shingles function properly for many years, as they are subjected to harsh weather conditions throughout their lifespan.

They Help With Aesthetics

Adding roof granules to asphalt shingles helps them aesthetically blend in with the surrounding area, which adds a bit of subtlety and charm.

They Offer UV Protection

Roof granules help to protect your roof from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can lead to deterioration and premature aging of shingles.

Why Do Roofing Shingles Have Granules?

Granules have been used to improve the durability of shingles since the early 1900s, with their primary function being durability. Ceramic granules followed decades later and offered a wider color palette that was not accessible before.

The material from which the granules were derived was altered in order to reduce UV light resistance as well as algae growth inhibition.

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