What to Look for in a Roof Replacement Estimate

what to look for in a roof replacement estimate

Undoubtedly, a new roof is one of the most costly investments for a homeowner. The list of Orlando roofing companies is long and choosing the wrong roofing contractor could make a roof replacement even more costly. In the Orlando area, we have the potential of residing in what tropical storm hurricane forecasters term “the cone of uncertainty.” A rather ominous phrase, but one roofing contractors will tell you to seriously consider when replacing your roof. After performing your due diligence and narrowing down a list of licensed roofers in Orlando, it is time to consider what to look for in an estimate. Janney Roofing provides fair estimates with follow through on craftsmanship. Fairness and follow-through, just two features to look for when evaluating estimates from roofing contractors.

What to look for: The Basics

  • Contact information that includes a phone number, email address and a verifiable physical address
  • License and insurance information
  • Warranty on workmanship
  • Project summary
  • Cost of roof replacement, including roofing supplies, detailed in line items
  • Payment draw schedule
  • Designations from roofing and business trade organizations.

A Deeper Dive

The meat of the estimate from most Orlando roofers is the description of the work to be completed and the roofing supplies required to complete the work. A thorough estimate will include:

  • They type of roof covering, the manufacturer and color
  • The estimated cost of removing the old roof
  • The cost of repairing wood rot and water damage discovered during the removal of the old roof
  • The cost of clean-up and hauling off of debris
  • The detailed workmanship warranty information from Janney Roofing and all roofing material manufacturers
  • Chimney flashing and plumbing boot expenses
  • Permit costs

Most Orlando roofers will use three main factors when determining the cost of replacing your roof: roof size, roof pitch and the cost of roofing materials. Pay close attention to the type of materials the contractor allocates for the project. Take detailed notes as you review each estimate. Compare the estimates along with customer references obtained when culling your list of potential Orlando roofers. Although the bottom line is important, refrain from comparing estimates based solely on the overall cost.

When perusing the long list of Orlando roofers, there is only one choice: Janney Roofing. Janney Roofing is a family-owned and operated accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and credentialed as Shinglemaster by CertainTeed, a leading brand of exterior and interior building products in North America.

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