What You Need to Know About Skylights

what you need to know about skylights

Installing a skylight is a great way to enjoy the indoors while saving on utility bills with free lighting. Regardless, if you are unfamiliar with these types of projects and are curious if you will need Orlando roofers to install a skylight, the short answer is a firm “yes.” At Janney Roofing, we have the skills and insights you need to get the correct skylight, install it in the best way to prevent leaks or future issues and we also help you with any other roof-related improvements you may need.

Why You Need to Hire a Professional

These days, homeowners love a good DIY project, but you should consult an Orlando roofer before installing a skylight for several key reasons. At Janney Roofing, we have helped many homeowners out of a conundrum with a DIY skylight project gone awry. In addition to the paperwork required to protect the warranty on your roof, insurance companies and municipalities might require a permit acquired by a roofing company that is bonded, licensed and insured for skylight installation. There are a long list of potential injuries that can happen when you are installing your own skylight, and some can end in fatalities. For example, falling from a height while installing the skylight or cutting unforeseen electrical wires are all good reasons to hire an Orlando roofing company.

What Else You Can Do While Fixing Up Your Roof

At Janney Roofing, we are fortunate to have a long list of unique experiences that generic Orlando roofing companies may not cover. In addition to skylight installation, we have also helped customers with other roof-related projects. These include solar panel preparation for installation, creating an environmentally friendly “cool roof,” installing rainwater-saving tanks and wind turbines. In many instances, reinforcing, replacing, or repairing a roof for installing green energy devices like solar panels is covered under federal grants and tax rebate programs. To qualify, professional Orlando roofers need to fill out the paperwork for the 30-percent federal tax rebate.

What To Look For In Orlando Roofing Companies

If you are new to the area, you may not be aware of the need for Orlando roofers to discuss certain aspects of their business with you. For example, due to the high winds and hurricane weather in the area, your roofing company will need to be a legitimate business. While your neighbor and his son might offer you a cheaper rate, unless they are licensed, bonded and insured, your insurance company may not honor your claim. At Janney Roofing, we have helped many customers that got left stranded by their insurance company, and we can discuss financing options with you. However, if you do not choose Janney Roofing, we highly encourage you to choose another roofing company in Orlando wisely.

Why You Should Contact Janney Roofing

For any of your skylight needs, we are the Orlando roofers with the professional touch you are looking for. We are familiar with luxury homes, and our staff have the knowledge to set expectations so you will not be left feeling surprised during the construction process. To ask any questions or have us come over for an inspection and consultation, give Janney Roofing a call today. Thank you for choosing us, and let us know when you call how we can help you.

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