Who Is Responsible For Roof Repairs In A Townhouse

The roof is an integral part of any building. It protects the internal parts of a structure from the outside weather and provides space for living in comfort. The roof protects your family and your tenants’ families from rain, snow, and other natural elements. So, it should always be in good condition.

This is no exception to townhouses. The issue is that townhomes have multiple homes under a single roof. So, who’s responsible for the repair and/or replacement of it?

It isn’t exactly cut and dry and depends on a couple of different things. Let’s dig into it things to think of when it comes to townhomes and your Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa roof repair or replacement.

Does the Townhouse Have a Homeowners’ Association?

A homeowners’ association is a group of home or apartment owners who create rules and enforce them for the comfort of the residents. A homeowners’ association usually collects money from all homeowners to fund their services, like roof repairs, landscaping, and snow removal.

It’s worth mentioning that not all HOAs have the same obligations. For example, some HOAs are responsible for roof repairs only if they are a structural part of the building, like the roofing shingles. That said, you should check the rules of your property’s HOA.

In cases where the HOA is reluctant to replace or repair the roof, you can consult an attorney. If the damage endangers the residents, you can proceed with the repair and have the HOA refund you later.

Does the Townhouse Have Tenants?

If the said townhouse is a rental property, it’s you, as the landlord, who is responsible for roof repairs and replacements. However, it’s the responsibility of the tenant to communicate with you and report any problems with the roof. You should then inspect the roof and initiate the necessary repairs and replacements. If the tenant is directly involved in roof damage, for example, if they cut the shingles to install a satellite dish, they are responsible for the repairs.

However, to avoid endangering the lives of your tenants and their families, you should consider paying for the repairs yourself and demanding a refund from the tenant later.

What Happens if Each Townhouse Is Individually Owned?

If you own a separate unit in the townhouse, you will be responsible for roof repairs and replacements. However, if there are multiple owners who have joint ownership over the townhouse, they all have a responsibility to look after the common areas in the building. Please note that you are responsible for the roof above your unit. If you fail to repair it in good time and it results in damage to other units, you will be held accountable.

When To Call a Roof Repair Pro?

When your unit has a damaged roof, please call a roof repair pro as soon as possible. When your unit has a damaged roof, please call a roof repair pro as soon as possible. A roof repair pro will examine your unit to assess the damage and the cost of repairs while also making you aware of all the necessary action procedures.

We strongly advise you to get any damage fixed before it gets worse. If you wait for too long, problems like leaks, molds, and weakened structures may occur. These problems will significantly impact your tenants’ health as they can lead to serious conditions like pneumonia.

For any roof repair or replacement in Florida, be sure to contact us. We offer certified roofing services and are ready to deal with any kind of roof problems for residential and multi-family properties. We also provide free estimates on all our roofing services so that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Having been exposed to many roof-related issues, you now know that roof repairs are important. With that in mind, we hope you will strive to keep your roof in tip-top shape for occupant safety. In addition, be sure to communicate with your tenants about any issues and get them involved in the repair process.

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