Your Guide to Gutters

your guide to gutters

Besides replacing your roof, the Orlando roofers undertake several maintenance tasks that include roof inspections and gutter cleaning. Cleaning your gutters every year can help you to eliminate the dirt and protect your storage tanks from germs. In addition, the dirt can clog your gutters and cause water to seep into the foundation. If you have some overhanging trees around the house, the broken branches can escalate the problem, meaning that you will require a regular cleanup. The Janney Roofing team claims that clogs are the major causes of leakages in the roof. Clogs are common around the downspouts and areas where several gutters join.

Cleaning Tips

During a big storm, water can collect in the gutters quite fast, meaning that the dirt will prevent the flow. The prospect of climbing ladders to clean the gutters can be daunting to many people. As such, it is wise to hire a professional from Orlando roofers to do it for you to prevent further Orlando roof repair. Cleaning gutters can be a risky operation, especially if your house has several stories. If your gutters are starting to age and leak, Janney Roofing can replace them at an affordable cost. Use the following tips when cleaning your gutters:

  • Wear protective clothing such as gloves, an overall, and a shirt with long sleeves
  • Find a sturdy ladder and some stabilizers to secure it on the wall and keep it away from the gutters to avoid damaging them
  • Ensure that you use a sturdy ladder and a small bucket to collect the debris. The Orlando roofing companies discourage the use of wooden ladders that are wobbly and likely to become unbalanced
  • Use a plastic cup to remove the dirt and the grime from your gutters
  • Dump your stuff on a plastic tarp to keep the lawn free of dirt
  • Use a garden hose to flush the gutters and downspouts
  • Once you clean the surfaces, try to spot any leaks on the gutter

Gutter Covers

You can reduce the amount of dirt that gets into your gutters by installing some covers. Janney Roofing has several gutter guards that can limit the dirt and eliminate the need for regular cleaning. Mesh screens, porous foams, and grates can allow the water to get into the gutters while eliminating the dirt. Compare the cost of the gutter covers and the price of regular maintenance and do the math before you make a decision. While cleaning the gutters is a vital task, failure to observe the safety precautions can cause injuries and damage to the gutters. Besides using the garden hose, Orlando roofers recommend using a rake and pressure washer to eliminate the dirt.

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