Roof Repair Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Professional Roof Repair Services in Jacksonville

At Janney Roofing, we understand the essential role your roof plays in protecting your home and its inhabitants. Florida’s weather, from blazing sun to tropical storms, can be tough on roofs. That’s why residents of Jacksonville trust us for top-notch roof repair services.

Why Choose Janney Roofing for Your Roof Repair Needs?

Expertise You Can Trust

Our team is equipped with trained professionals who have years of experience in handling various roofing issues specific to Jacksonville’s climate.

Comprehensive Assessment

We don’t just repair. First, we diagnose. Our team will provide a thorough evaluation of your roof’s condition, ensuring we address the root cause of the problem.

Quality Materials

We believe in long-lasting solutions. Our repairs are carried out using only top-grade materials that can withstand Jacksonville’s unique weather conditions.

Transparent Pricing

No surprises. We provide upfront cost estimates, ensuring you know what to expect before we begin the work.

Fast & Efficient Service

We value your time. Our team is trained to carry out repairs efficiently without compromising on quality.

Common Roofing Issues We Address:

Leak Repairs: Even minor leaks can lead to significant damage if not addressed. We identify and rectify the source of the leak, preventing future issues.

Shingle Replacement: Whether you have a few missing shingles or extensive damage, we’ve got you covered.

Storm Damage Repairs: Jacksonville’s storms can be brutal. From wind to hail damage, we ensure your roof is restored and fortified.

Flashing Repairs: Essential for waterproofing and preventing leaks, we ensure your roof’s flashing is in prime condition.

Ventilation Issues: Proper ventilation is crucial for your roof’s longevity. We assess and rectify any ventilation problems.

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Your home deserves the best. And so do you. Don’t let minor roofing issues escalate into bigger problems. Contact Janney Roofing today for reliable, professional, and timely roof repair services in Jacksonville.


We could say more to convince you to choose Janney Roofing, but we’d rather let our satisfied customers speak for us with these verified reviews.


Today, I make the following promise to you, Jacksonville…

When you choose Janney Roofing for your Jacksonville roofing needs, I’ll personally guarantee your 100% satisfaction and see to it that all of your expectations are met and exceeded.

If you are anything but overjoyed with our service as your roofing contractor, contact me and I will make it right. Every Jacksonville roof represents a family and we know the value of family. That’s why our passion is “Keeping Florida Covered.”

We can’t wait to work together & I’m sure you’re excited to work with the last Jacksonville roofing contractor you will ever need!

Thanks For Choosing Us,

Derek Janney
President – Janney Roofing, LLC.

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