4 Practical Tips for Picking the Best Shingle Color

4 practical tips for picking the best shingle color

Being a homeowner comes with many decisions and choosing the best color for your roof is important. Your roof enhances the total appearance of your home, and its color could even affect factors such as energy efficiency. Not only will you want to be satisfied every time you look up at your roof, but the wrong roof color could also hurt your chances of selling your home one day in the future. Consider the following four tips the next time you have to pick a roof color.

1. Coordinate your shingle color with the other exterior features of your home.

Does your house have red brick, gray stone, wood, or other materials that could clash with the wrong roof color? Survey the exterior of your home and keep these features in mind as you consider your shingle options. For instance, if you have a white house and want to keep a traditional look then you may consider a darker roof color.

2. Check in with your Homeowner’s Association and/or neighbors.

Depending on where you live, your neighborhood may have an HOA that provides guidelines for what you can and can’t to do your home. Some communities in Orlando have strict regulations when it comes to changing the exterior colors on your home, so be sure to ask for an updated guide or give your HOA board a call before investing time and money in your roof. If you do not have this type of association, it is courteous to consider your neighbors’ houses when choosing any colors for the outside of your home as well.

3. Consider your roof’s appeal for future buyers.

While selling your home may not be on the horizon, circumstances could change in the future. Orlando is a diverse city, which is reflected even in the colors of our homes. While vibrant and tropical hues may suit your tastes, it may not sit well with a prospective buyer. Some buyers fall in love with a house but refuse it based on the house’s roof or exterior paint colors alone- don’t let it happen to you!

4. Think about the color’s impact on your energy bill.

Floridians spend most of the year trying to stay cool and looking to save a few dollars on their energy bill. While several factors affect the coolness of your home, have you ever considered if your shingle color is one of them? Just as darker colored cars tend to be hotter inside than lighter ones, your roof color also affects energy efficiency. If a lighter shade works with the exterior features of your home and complies with any neighborhood rules then we suggest that you consider it. You may be glad you did during the summer months!

Your roof adds more value and curb appeal to your home than you may notice, and the time spent choosing the perfect color will be well-invested for the lifetime of your roof.

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