Effective Flat Roof Drainage Solutions

effective flat roof drainage solutions

Flat roofing is prone to water pooling which can cause extensive damage to both the roof and structure of a building. There are several methods available to home and business owners to help protect their home or business from water damage due to pooling water.

Orlando roofing companies, such as Janney Roofing, are familiar with these methods and will be able to inform you of your options. Each option has its own unique characteristics, so it is important to review all of them.

Drainage Pipes

One of the most affordable solutions for roof drainage is installing drainage pipes to carry water away from the roof. Scupper and internal drains behave similarly to traditional gutters. They collect water and divert it away from the roof through drainage pipes.

Scupper drains are simply installed along the edge of the roof to collect pooling water and drain it away from your roof. They are a very simple form of drainage for a home or business.

Internal drains are more complicated and will require installation by licensed roofers in Orlando. Internal drain pipes are strategically installed in areas where pooling most commonly occurs. Plumbing pipe is then used to carry the water away from the pooling areas and through an interior wall, where it can run off without causing further damage. This type of drain can be used effectively in conjunction with other drainage systems.


Although eavestrough drainage systems are not commonly installed these days, they are still an effective way to collect and divert pooling water on a flat roof. Orlando roofers may install this type of drainage on large commercial and industrial buildings.

In this method, water is guided from pooling areas to an eavestrough via drainage ditches. The eavestrough collects the water and it is drained off at the side of the eavestrough.

Sloped Insulation

If you are replacing your roof, sloped insulation may be a drainage method that can work for you. There are two options for sloped insulation, true sloped or step sloped. Orlando roofing companies will be able to help you choose which is right for you.

True sloped insulation is very expensive, but effective. Each piece of insulation is carefully measured and cut to create a perfect slope for water to drain underneath the roofing system. It is best to install this roofing when you know you will be replacing your roof.

Step sloped insulation is less expensive because the insulation doesn’t have to be measured and cut precisely before being installed by Orlando roofers. Each board is cut to a specific thickness with the thickest boards on one side of the roof and thinnest on the opposite side, creating a slope.

Plant Carriers

An option for those who want a natural way to pull water away from the roof is through the installation of plant carriers. This system is added to an existing drain system to prevent pooling.

Netting with seedlings are installed to absorb and use drainage water through the netting. The seedlings soak up excess water and the remaining water is carried away by the drainage system.

Investing in Drainage

These options provide a wide variety of options for home and business owners. They will keep your roof dry and protect your investment for years to come.

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