How Much is a “Square” in Roofing? – How To Measure Your Roof

how much is a square in roofing how to measure your roof

Many people ask the question “how much is a square in roofing?” This blog post will answer that question and give you more information about how to measure your roof.

Measuring Your Roof

First, what does it mean to measure your roof? Measuring your roof involves measuring from one corner of the house or building to another.

To measure your roof, you will need to take a tape measure or yardstick with you. You should start at one corner of the house and walk around it, marking down each measurement. You’ll need this to figure out how many squares your roof contains.

You’ll also want to measure your roof’s slope. Roof pitch is a measurement of the angle at which the eaves are slanted off from vertical, and can be found on any home or building by measuring the distance between two adjacent pitches horizontally from ground level (the height where water would run off).

Figuring Out How Many “Squares” You Need

To figure out how many squares you need for your roof, the measurements are then converted into squares by dividing them by 100 feet (or 12 yards).

So for example: if you wanted to know how many squares there were on a 6-foot wide side of a house, we would divide 72 inches (6 feet) by 12 yards (100 feet) = 6 squares per yard or 36 total squares.

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