Is a Leaking Roof an Emergency?

is a leaking roof an emergency

It can be easy to write off a small leak in your roof. After all, if it’s not actively causing damage to the inside of your home, it can’t be that bad, right?

Unfortunately, that is not the case. A small leak can quickly grow into a big one, and this can lead to a host of problems. The last thing that you want is to wake up one morning to find that your ceiling is bubbling and you have mold on your walls or warping on your floors.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to secure your roof until you can get the proper repairs.

Where Is The Leak Coming From?

The first step to successfully stopping any roof leak is to figure out the source of the leak. You’ll want to hunt for puddles on the floor or carpet–things you might have attributed to spilled water or wet hair–and see if you can find a drip above it on your ceiling.

Other things that you might want to look for are bubbling in the paint on your walls or stains on your ceiling. These are all signs that there is something amiss and that there is excess moisture present.

If you have an attic, this would be a great place to start your search. Go into your attic and inspect the insulation located between the floor joists. If there is a leak, there are likely to be signs of water damage or mold.

Another thing to consider is recent damage. Even if you haven’t noticed any internal damage to your home, damage to your roof can be an imminent danger for you and your family. If your home has recently been through a storm or has otherwise suffered extreme roof damage, it is safe to assume that a leak is not far behind.

How to Stop Your Roof Leak

The first thing you’ll want to do once you have a definitive source is to keep the water from continuing to affect your home. You can use a large bucket or a cooking pot to collect any water that may be dripping but be aware that larger leaks may require more containers for collection.

You’ll also want to move out any furniture that could be impacted by the moisture. Keep in mind that even if the furniture is not being directly hit by the water, the excess humidity in the space may still be enough to affect it, so it is best to have it out of the way. 

If the water has already begun pooling in your ceiling, you will have to “pop” the ceiling bubble. Locate the center of the bulge in your ceiling and pierce it with a screwdriver, allowing the water to fall into a bucket or container underneath. This is crucial because allowing the water to collect in the ceiling can actually cause the entire thing to collapse, resulting in more–and worse–damage.

To assist the water collection and to prevent any damage to your floors, it is also a good idea to put down tarps or drop cloths. This will keep the area relatively dry until you are able to get repairs completed. If you have access to your roof and are comfortable accessing it, putting a tarp down is always a good temporary fix. This should prevent any further leaking, but be sure to weigh it down properly or you could lose it during a storm.

Prevent Further Damage

Having your roof repaired or replaced can be quite a hassle, especially if you also suffered damage due to a leak. That’s why preventative maintenance is so important. To keep leaks from happening in the future, it is critical to keep the area around your roof clear. Be sure to trim any tree limbs around your property that are low-hanging. These can not only scrape against your roof during high winds, but they can also tear off entirely during a hurricane and cause damage. It’s also important to keep your gutters clear as they serve as the main drainage system to keep water from collecting on your roof. As tedious as this task may be, doing it now can save you a lot in the long run. 

Contact a Professional

At Janney Roofing, we know a roof leak can’t wait. That is why we strive to always be available to our customers, so they never have to decide whether to settle for more damage by waiting or hiring a subpar company right away to do the repairs.

With our years of expertise and our commitment to high-quality products and service, we can get your roof back to normal faster.

If you are struggling with a roof leak, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your Orlando roof repair or a total roof replacement so your home doesn’t suffer any further loss.

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