Pre-Construction Checklist

pre construction checklist

Getting a new roof installed can be a daunting experience. However, we do our best to make it as organized, and efficient a process as possible. Here are a few tips that we recommend to all of our customers on what to expect and how to best prepare for your new roof.

1. Be prepared for the temporary noise!

Roofing crews will most likely start on your roof in the morning. For the duration of your roof’s beautification there will be constant construction noise.

2. Remove loose items from shelves in your home.

We suggest that all loose items be temporarily moved from wall shelves such as pictures, plates, figurines, and all other breakable decor. Hammering may create vibrations that could shake these items off of the shelves and walls.

3. Move all items around your home that might be damaged by falling debris

Additionally, we advise that all items around the exterior of your home be temporarily moved where roofing debris or bundles of shingles might fall: patio furniture, potted plants, gardening equipment, grills, etc. We take every precaution to protect your plants, trees, and shrubs. However, some leaves or blooms may be knocked off from falling debris, especially on steep roofs.

4. Locate available outlets.

We may need to use power tools for decking repair, ridge work, or vent installation, so please be prepared to provide an outlet for our use.

5. Move all vehicles.

Please move all vehicles, bikes, boats, etc. away from the house and garage while work is being done.

6. *Move or cover items that might be damaged by micro-debris.

*If you do not have a ceiling in your garage and can see the bottom side of the roof decking, move or cover all items that might get damaged by granules or small piece of felt or shingles falling through the spaces between decking boards. It is especially important to move or protect cars, boats, lawnmowers, and all mechanical equipment or items with valuable finishes.

6. Make sure the driveway is available.

We will need access to the driveway in order to load the shingles and during the cleanup process.

That’s it! Just take a few minutes to follow these 7 simple steps, and your roofing process will be as smooth as possible. We at Janney Roofing thank you for your cooperation! We look forward to working with you!

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