Should You Replace or Repair Your Roof?

should you replace or repair your roof

Maintaining a solid roof for your home could prevent damage from the wind and from the rain. A roof that is adequately covered with shingles could protect your home from water damage, hurricanes and from torrential rainstorms. Licensed Orlando roofers can ensure that your roof is in optimal condition. Janney Roofing provides honest services and outstanding workmanship in Orlando.

Identifying Problem Areas of Your Roof

If you happen to notice ceiling leaks or missing exterior roofing shingles, you can request a repair estimate from Orlando roofing companies. Local roofing firms are typically familiar with the types of shingles that are commonly used on homes in Orlando. To identify the problem with your roof, an experienced roofing professional will need to perform a visual inspection or a physical examination of your roof. Several recommendations may be provided to cure the problem with your roof.

Benefits of Repairing a Roof

Roof repairs are generally a cost effective remedy versus completely replacing your entire roof. For several missing shingles or a small hole in your roof, a variety of repair options may be performed via Orlando roofers. However, the new shingles might vary in appearance from the existing shingles. The turnaround time to repair a roof is a major benefit for homeowners who need emergency services from Orlando roofers. Small roofing repair jobs frequently take less time to complete than replacing a roof. The costs for a roofing repair could amount to a fraction of the investment for a replacement roof.

Benefits of a Roofing Replacement

Instead of swapping out a few loose shingles that might differ in quality, style or color, you can obtain an estimate for a roofing replacement. A completely new roof could improve the appearance of a residential property versus the addition of replacement shingles. For older roofs, it might make sense to replace all of the shingles. An aging roof may be susceptible to continuous repairs. Funds that are directed toward costly repairs may be allocated toward replacing your roof.

Deciding to replace your roof could eliminate multiple trips from Orlando roofing companies to your home to address a variety of repair issues. If you plan to keep your home for a long time, a new roof can last for several decades. If you decide to sell your home, a new roof could increase the value of your home. Many homebuyers are concerned with the structure and the major systems within a home. A new roof is a desirable item that could improve your ability to sell your home.

Consider a Roof Over

If you currently have a single layer of shingles on your roof, you may also consider a roof over to help cure a roofing defect. During a roof over, an additional layer of roofing shingles are placed on top of your existing shingles. A roof over is generally less expensive than replacing your entire roof. On a standard roofing replacement, your old shingles are also removed. However, deciding to obtain a roof over is more costly than a roofing repair.

Preparation for Roofing Services

Orlando roofing companies typically get an early start. On the scheduled service date, roofers will arrive with scaffolds, ladders, buckets, sealant and shingles. Extra care is given toward exterior areas of a customer’s home. Contact Janney Roofing to discuss professional roofing repairs.

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