Should You Worry About Missing Shingles?

should you worry about missing shingles

Having your house inspected by a reliable roofing contractor is important if your roof has missing shingles or areas where shingles lift and bend whenever the wind blows. When it comes to such inspections, Orlando roofing companies, such as Janney Roofing, are arguably the best. Missing or unsealed shingles due to storm damage or normal aging are signs that the exterior of your home needs attention, and replacing your roof might become necessary if you do not attend to missing shingles. To ensure you understand why you should worry about missing shingles, below are some adverse effects they can have on your property.

Decrease in property value

You probably know the importance of first impressions. The condition of your home’s exterior is what passersby and visitors will look at first. As such, missing shingles can decrease the actual and perceived value of your property since they are unsightly, a fact you will most likely notice once you decide to sell.

For appraisers and inspectors, paying particular attention to the roof is a common practice when a home is being sold. They will deduct the cost of roof repairs from the property’s value, reducing your equity or causing you to lose the sale. Besides, properties with missing shingles look neglected. To ensure the value of your home does not decrease, engage the services of professional Orlando roofers to inspect and properly repair your roof.

Development of leaks

While it is possible to notice a leak as soon as it develops, particularly when rainwater is pouring down, it is common for leaks resulting from missing shingles to show up in unlikely places or develop slowly. As a result, it is easy for such leaks to go unnoticed. You are not likely to relate the spot forming on your kitchen ceiling to a missing shingle over your living room. You will have to consider the possibility that the water might have found its way into your home through an opening located over your living room and ran along a rafter before dripping onto your kitchen ceiling. Investigating leaks that are related to missing shingles necessitates the consideration of many scenarios. As such, using experienced Orlando roofers to inspect your roof is of significant importance.

Insurability issues

Before your insurance company agrees to provide future coverage while covering the damage caused by a storm, they have to be confident that you keep your home in good repair. Insurance providers will mostly deny the interior portion your claim if you did not do anything to mitigate the damage quickly. You will most likely have insurability issues if you wait for long before filing a claim for the missing shingles that caused the leak. You will probably incur the high cost of interior repairs even if your insurance company agrees to repair or replace your roof.

Over time, missing shingles can lead to bigger problems. As a result, most insurance companies won’t renew your policy if you have not repaired your roof. To be sure of proper maintenance and that avoidable hazards are not present on insured premises, insurance carriers usually perform property inspections every two years.

The importance of a comprehensive roof inspection

A comprehensive roof inspection is essential since it allows licensed roofers in Orlando to assess a variety of age and damage related issues. As a result, knowledgeable and well-trained inspectors employed by Orlando roofing companies can provide immediate advice about the patching of missing shingle or any serious damage that can lead to replacing your roof. Professional Orlando roofers would also guide you throughout the insurance claim process if a wind storm severely damaged your roof.

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