What Do Commercial Roofers Do?

what do commercial roofers do

For any business, the structure of the business itself is just as important as the activities that take place inside it. Commercial buildings can take many forms, but regardless of the form they take, they all require a roof to keep the business safe. 

Because businesses are housed in such large structures, commercial roofs are not the same as your standard residential roof. They are made using industrial design specifications and the materials that are used for them are of much sturdier quality. It makes sense, then, that only professionals who understand these materials and are experienced in installing commercial roofs would be the only ones qualified to construct a commercial roof. These commercial roofers are the ones who will take care of the installation, maintenance, and repair of your commercial roof. 

They Design

Commercial roofers do more than simply install the roof that you picked out of a catalog. While this may be the process that you are familiar with when you are installing a new roof on a residential building, the commercial roofing process is more complicated. Your commercial roofer will look over the design of the building itself and analyze the roofing plans. They will need to clear the design before the roof can be built. That is, they must understand what is and what is not architecturally feasible. Once that is completed, they will also sign off on the materials that are used with special attention to the type of material chosen and its quality.

They Inspect

Commercial roofers do more than just install new roofs, however. They are also the ones that you call for regular maintenance on your commercial roof. Commercial roofers will perform regular checks on the roof to identify issues, and they will take care of maintenance throughout the life of the roof.

Why do you need a commercial roofer to perform maintenance? The answer to this lies in the construction of the roof. Commercial properties often employ flat roofs because they are less costly to construct and they better protect the building. However, flat roofs can be more difficult to maintain because they do not have the slope necessary to runoff water and debris. As such, they may be subject to more damage.

Because of this, flat roofs are usually constructed to withstand the additional weight of water and other debris. Regular roofs typically do not have to deal with this, so the materials used to construct a residential roof are not going to be as durable as the ones used for commercial roofs.

Another difference between residential roof maintenance and commercial roof maintenance is that residential roofs do not require nearly as much regular maintenance. While a residential roof may only require an inspection twice a year, a commercial roof requires much more. Because of this, commercial roofs will typically require more maintenance than residential roofs. 

They Provide Quality

Before you can ensure that you have a good quality roof, you have to make sure that you have a high-quality roofer. This means different things to people in different parts of the construction process. For instance, if you are still designing your commercial establishment, you will likely not make the decision for the roofing company yourself because your construction management firm will do so for you. That said, it is always a good idea to be familiar with who was hired to complete the roof so that you can know who to turn to when maintenance or repair issues arise after the building is constructed. 

If you do not have a construction management firm, you will be the one responsible for selecting your commercial roofer. You will want to ask each candidate for a detailed estimate of the services that they can provide. This will not only give you a better idea as to whether they can legitimately handle your project, but it will also allow you to see if they have the right licenses, experience, and insurance to protect you from a poorly done job.

A good commercial roofer will also have references for past projects that they can provide you with. With these, you can contact some of these old customers and see if they have any complaints about the company. You will want to take the time to do this because past projects are indicative of their work ethic and quality for your project.

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