Why Should You Repair a Roof?

why should you repair a roof

Repairing a roof can seem like a hassle. You have to find the professionals to do the job and get an estimate for the costs. Then you have to wait for the job to actually be completed. In between all those times, there are moments when something could go wrong. However, waiting on roof repairs can end up being more costly than getting them taken care of in the first place.

Some reasons why you should repair your roof are it affects your property value and curb appeal, the longer you wait the more it could cost you, insurance could cover the repair, and it can improve your air quality.

Affects Property Value and Curb Appeal

Are you getting ready to sell your home? You are going to find that you have a difficult time doing so if you do not put some effort into your roof. This is especially the case if your roof needs repairs. Potential homebuyers are going to be able to see that your roof is in disrepair and they are not going to want to pay the cost of having to fix it or replace it. New roofs or roofs that have been repaired recently are going to help you drive up the value of your home. 

Even if your roof is not in visible disrepair, you will still have to disclose damages to your roof when you sell the house. This means that every buyer is going to see a very large red flag on your listing. This could ultimately leave your house on the market for longer than it should be, which will drive down your property value.

Faster Repairs, Less Money Spent

Repairs tend to snowball when you try to ignore them. Imagine, for instance, that you lost one or two shingles during a thunderstorm. Those one or two shingles seem pretty insignificant because the rest of your roof looks great. However, soon enough another storm passes through and now you have a leak in your roof. This leak is so small that you don’t notice it at first, but you eventually do notice the water damage that it is causing. Now you are paying for the repair of those two shingles and the cost of the water damage done to your home. 

It can seem like a pain to have a company come out to repair such small damage, but it will be the better option in the long run. A professional can have a small repair done quickly, and they will charge you a much more reasonable sum than you would pay if you waited.

Insurance May Cover It

It is an insurance adjuster’s job to know when people have waited too long to get a repair. They will be able to spot a repair that has grown due to neglect. This means that your insurance company may not want to cover the expenses of the roof beyond the initial repair and you will be left to pay for the rest of the damages out of your own pocket. If you want to avoid the extra expense, it is highly recommended that you contact your insurance as soon as you see the damage. It may end up being a small claim, but it is better to get it taken care of as soon as possible. 

Improve Air Quality

Florida is humid, there is no doubt about that. Having damages in your roof allows that humidity to seep into your house and creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. You’ll begin to see it in places like the exterior walls of your home or on your ceilings and, over time, it will deteriorate the air quality. Mold can have more impact on your family members than you may think. You’ll likely see your family experiencing more allergy or cold symptoms because of it. To get rid of the mold, you will have to deal with a much more costly repair than you would if you just repaired your roof as soon as possible. In fact, mold repairs are not only costly but can be time-consuming as well.

Looking for Orlando and Tampa Roof Repair?

Getting a roof repair is never a fun task, but it can much more seamless if you use the right company. As the top Orlando and Tampa roof repair company, we at Janney Roofing take your repairs seriously and we work fast so that you do not have to deal with further damages in the long run. We know the importance of having your roof in tip-top shape. Even if you are not selling your home, there is so much that can happen when your roof is poorly maintained. That is why it is so crucial to contact us as quickly as possible after your roof has been damaged. We will handle your insurance company and make sure the repairs are taken care of as safely as possible. Did your insurance deny your claim? Not a problem. You can always finance your repair with our easy financing options. To learn more about our services, contact us at Janney Roofing today.

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