4 Reasons You Should Replace Your Roof In The Fall

4 reasons you should replace your roof in the fall

Fall is upon us and Orlando roofing companies are eager to work at repairing or replacing roof damage done by an overactive storm season. If you find yourself in need of roof replacement there is no better time than the fall to call on the services Orlando roofers.

When conducting your search for licensed roofers in Orlando it is important that you choose from Orlando roofers that have an established track record in the area. Janney Roofing is one Orlando roofing company with a reputation that has stood the test of time. Here are the four main reasons that fall is the perfect time to give Janney Roofing a call.

End Of Storm Season

Most severe weather events that damage roofs in the Orlando area happen during the summer hurricane season. Fall is the perfect time to get an assessment of any damage that may have been done to your roof during the storm season and deciding what repairs might be necessary. The drier climate that the fall season brings is also a benefit because roofing contractors will lose fewer days of work due to weather issues.

Perfect Conditions

Fall weather conditions are perfect for replacing your roof. This is especially true when using asphalt shingles which just so happens to be the most frequently used roofing supplies in the United States. Fall weather conditions allow for the proper thermal sealing of the shingle’s seal strips. Also, the cooler weather that fall produces versus summer will allow roofing contractors to work more efficiently.

Winter weather can make working with shingles more difficult

Cooler temperatures can cause shingles to become brittle and more vulnerable to breaking when being nailed to the roof. When this happens roofers may be forced to discontinue use of roofing guns and nail the shingles by hand. The extra labor and increased cost of roofing supplies can increase your final bill.

Winter Storms

Stormy weather winter months can increase damage to a roof that already exists. Holes can grow in size and leaks tend to get worse. Heavy rainfall on a roof that is already compromised can cause serious damage.

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