Cleaning Firework Debris From Your Roof

cleaning firework debris from your roof

The 4th of July is an ideal time to make repairs on the home due to the warmer weather conditions. The roof should be inspected by a professional to keep it in good condition and protect the interior setting from damage. When you want to improve the quality of your roof, there are a few summer roofing tips to follow.

Look for Leaks

It’s important to access the attic to check for leaks that may be present by using a flashlight to inspect the roof boards. Hire Orlando roofers to look for water stains that may be present and inspect the insulation to determine if moisture or mold is present. You can also hose off the roof to look for water that seeps through where leaks may have formed.

Check the Flashing

Hire a professional from Orlando roofing companies like Janney Roofing to inspect the flashing that is present on the roof. The flashing is installed on vents, skylights, and chimneys to seal off the roof from moisture where each feature is built. The material is prone to lifting over time, which can cause water to get through the roof and into the home.

Clean the Rain Gutters

One of the top summer roofing tips is to clean out the rain gutters of leaves and debris that has accumulated with the help of Orlando roofers from companies Janney Roofing, which can cause water to become backed up onto the roof if a hurricane arrives during the season. Cleaning out the rain gutters of debris will also prevent termite from living off of the water and causing damage to the roof. It will also prevent standing water to accumulate throughout the summer months.

You can also hire Orlando roofers to determine if the metal structure is loose and if it needs to be replaced.

Inspect the Roofing Materials

Hire licensed roofers in Orlando from companies like Janney Roofing to inspect the roofing materials to determine if they’re still in good condition. Consider replacing your roof if the shingles are curled or are missing, which can cause leaks to form due to an exposed roof deck. You may also find granules in your rain gutters or discover that the shingles have become cracked, which indicates that the roof is no longer durable.

Apply a Cool Roof Coat

Apply a cool roof coat to your structure to prevent heat from penetrating through the roof, which can reduce the cost of your energy usage on the property. The cool roof coat is clear and won’t affect the appearance of your roof once it’s applied. You’ll also reduce the amount of wear that occurs to the tiles or shingles with a reflective coat that will block UV rays during the summer months.

Check Under Eaves

Hire professionals from companies like Janney Roofing to check the underside of eaves for debris that may have accumulated in prior months. It’s also important to look for nests that may be present where insects are present. Hire a professional to remove the nests to avoid suffering from stings or injuries.

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