Tips To Make Your Roof Cool

tips to make your roof cool

The temperature of the roof is often higher than the surrounding air by 10 degrees Celsius. This is a huge difference, and it can lead to higher air conditioning requirements, additional energy costs and increased rate of discomfort. It is thus important you come up with effective ways you can cool your roof to avoid these problems. As one of the most experienced Orlando roofing companies, here is what Janney roofing recommends.

Use Single Ply Membrane

Instead of replacing your roof, use single ply membranes. Single ply membranes consist of plastic or vinyl sheets made of reflective materials. These materials can reflect a good amount of sunlight, helping you to stay cool and comfortable. The most common materials used in this type of roofing are polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastic polyolefin, and ethylene propylene. Do not attempt to install the sheets on your own. Instead, contact experts from Janney Roofing to do the work.

Modify Your Built-Up Roof

Built-up roofs (BUR) are popular among Orlando roofing contractors because they are cheap, easy to repair and take less time to install. They are made using a base sheet of bitumen or asphalt and a protective layer of mineral granules or gravel. Built-up roofs absorb more light than they reflect. You can correct this by replacing the asphalt or bitumen sheet with a white gravel to increase its solar reflectance. You can also apply mineral surface cap sheets. These sheets are made of reflective granules and special coatings to increase the rate at which the roof reflects light. They are available in most roofing supplies stores in Orlando.

Use Coatings

You can use cool roof coatings if you have a flat or low-sloped roof. Cool roof coatings fall into two categories. These include the cementitious coatings and elastomeric coatings. Cementitious coatings contain concrete particles. Elastomeric coatings have added polymers that make them more adhesive and less brittle. Choosing between the two depends on what degree of protection you need and how much you can afford. You can contact an expert at Janney roofing to help come up with the best choice.

Choose a Good Shingle

One thing most roofing supplies companies and roofing contractors will not tell you is that not all shingles offer the best protection. Shingles come in different qualities. Some are made with asphalt while others are made using wood, polymers and metals. As one of the honest Orlando roofers, we recommend you avoid asphalt shingles that do not contain reflective granules. The same applies to wood, polymer and metal shingles.

Use Tiles

Tiles are increasingly becoming popular among Orlando roofers. This is because they can effectively cool steep-sloped roofs. Some tiles reflect light naturally due to the type of clay they contain. Others come in earth-toned terra cotta, green and brown colors with good reflective properties.

For any questions or assistance, feel free to contact Janney roofing. We are competent and reliable licensed roofers in Orlando offering services ranging from roof construction to roof repair and replacement. We are also one of the few Orlando roofers who focus on green roofing.

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